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Improve English & Presentation Skills

Get Inspired Right at the University of Toronto Campus

Experience the Abundant Canadian Culture

Experience the Beautiful Toronto City

Explore Future Majors & Career Paths

Develop Lifelong Friendship

Have a Memorable Summer



Experience a summer like no other at our special summer camp program! What sets TAIE’s summer camp apart is the unique opportunity for students to study English and explore a range of captivating subjects right on Downtown Toronto and the prestigious University of Toronto campus.


Imagine a summer where learning English becomes an exciting adventure, where every day brings new opportunities for growth and discovery. Our carefully designed curriculum will not only improve language skills but also inspire a love for learning. Whether it's diving into the world of science, delving into the arts, or exploring the realms of technology, our campers will have access to world-class resources and expert instructors.


However, it's not just about the classroom experience; it's about immersing oneself in the vibrant atmosphere of the City of Toronto and the University of Toronto campus. Come join us for TAIE Summer Camp 2024 and be part of this incredible journey!


June 30th to July 14th

July 14th to July 28th

July 28th to August 11th


12-18 Years Old


March 15th, 2024


Camp Fee: $4750

Application Fee: $150


Video of Summer Camp 2023


"We had full of activities everyday. I especially like the ESL Class in the weekdays’ morning. The teachers were funny and the course contents were interesting and I could improve my English level."

"The overall atmosphere was more comfortable than my motherland with flexible evening schedules, hospitable guides and teachers, diversity in activities etc. Although it was a summer camp, I was even more industrious than in my motherland."

"The activities were arranged very fascinating. I learnt much knowledge in the University of Toronto, such as engineering, history of Toronto and so on. Also, the dormitory was very comfortable and the food was delicious!"

"The itinerary was rich and interesting. We visited various famous sceneries with the shuttle bus all the time. I had reasonable free time to explore at each viewpoint."

"All of the teachers are easy-going and friendly. Proper schedule and arrangement including entertainment, relaxing, studying, shopping and so on."

"I enjoy outdoor activities, where I got to move around and experienced a lot. I could also play board games in Parkside with my new friends that was really enjoyable. I learnt to be more independent as well."

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